Total control over the condominium's energy consumption.

Gain comprehensive control over energy consumption in your condominium by monitoring various crucial points, from elevators and water pumps to party rooms and recreational areas.

Detect performance issues early and avoid overloads, ensuring the smooth operation of motors and electric pumps.

Our sensors also identify improper energy usage, voltage, and current surges, preventing equipment damage and reducing maintenance costs.

With our technology, you can save up to 35% on energy consumption in common areas!

Technology and Innovation

Real-Time Monitoring

Stay informed at all times and track essential data, updates, and relevant statistics to make well-founded decisions.

Total Customization

Adapt the platform according to your needs. Adjust layouts, preferences, and settings for a unique experience aligned with your goals.

Predictive Analysis

Utilize powerful predictive analysis tools and receive detailed reports to understand trends, identify improvement opportunities, and make strategic decisions based on solid data.

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